Our Vision

Making natural medicine available

Health Care Centres

It is our Vision to provide natural medicine as a network across those regions of northern Mozambique that are less developed in infrastructure. Our goal for this network is 500 villages with health care centres and medicine gardens.

Self dependance & sustainability

A village gathering

Now we don‚€ôt want the Mozambicans led into a permanent dependence on western donators, but rather equipped to do the work themselves. Therefore the concept of ‚€ěO Bom Samaritano‚€ú is based on the community development idea. European personnel make their know-how available in training and supporting the natives. Initiative and the work of setting up the centre are tasks of the Mozambicans. They also make the decision as to who is reliable enough to be trained, and they build the health care centres with their own available manpower.

Locally available resources

To facilitate the greatest possible independence in this work, wherever possible, locally available resources are used. Medicines, for example, are preferably extracted from plants grown in the village by the villagers rather than having them imported and consequently being reliant on financial support.

‚€ěO Bom Samaritano‚€ú - a Mozambican society

From the beginning all important positions within the society have been filled with Mozambicans. The European staff see their task as one of support and training of the Mozambicans, with the aim of bringing about a self-supporting team. This principle esteems the native staff and ensures sustained success of the work even after European support has ended.

Training centre in Memba

Pupils made teachers

Strategically suitable Health Care Centres are developed into training centres. Several of the previously trained health care assistants have gone on to work here as instructors.

Passing on values

As Christians we believe that a lasting positive change is primarily achieved in conjunction with the establishment of appropriate values. For this reason alongside our medical work we share the hope of the Christian faith.

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