Our staff member

The Society ‚€ěO Bom Samaritano‚€ú has at this moment a staff of more than 233 including health care assistants.

Our 1st base in Monapo

Mama Gracinda

Gracinda Rafael Nangeque

Mama Grancinda is the President of the society. She works in the base in Monapo-Naquite and is in charge of the medical garden there.

Papa Camilo

Camilo Juma Santos

Papa Camillo is a passionate health care assistant in the base in Monapo-Naquite. Alongside his contribution in the society‚€ôs leadership he takes care of the production of natural medicines and all matters relating to treatment of the patients.


Amido Tocova

Tocova is the Coordinator of ‚€ěO Bom Samaritano‚€ú, supervisor of the health care centres and a teacher in the seminars. He operates mainly from Monapo-Naquite.

Our 2nd base in Memba

Paulino Amada

Paulino Amada

Paulino is the Coordinator of our Memba base. He is also a supervisor and a teacher in our seminars.

Admilcar Adriano

Admilcar Adriano

Admilcar is also part of the leadership of our second base. He prepares medicines for the base, treats the sick and attends to various administrative tasks.

Joaquim Mofenda

Joaquim Mofenda

Joaquim is the leader of our second base in Memba-Naminambo. He also carries the complete responsibility for the medical garden there.

Our third centre in Mossuril

The centre is currently under construction.

Papa Patricio

Patrico Martinho

Patricio supervises the health care centres in the district of Mossuril.

Papa Isufo

Isufo Juma

Isufo is responsible for producing the medicines and treating patients.

Papa Isaac

Isaac Fatar

Isaac has responsibility for the local medicinal garden.

Globe Mission ‚€ď support team

‚€ěO Bom Samaritano‚€ú is a Mozambique society and is therefore lead from the start by Mozambicans. Nevertheless it relies for its foundation on the support from European personnel, who accompany the Mozambicans as mentors to train, motivate and equip them.

Myriam Wahr

Myriam Wahr

The Globe Mission missionary Myriam Wahr originates from Nagold (Germany) and is a trained children‚€ôs nurse. She lives in Mozambique since 2004 and laid the foundation stone of the work. Together with native co-workers she has established health care centres and trained many health care assistants.

Martin Schumann
Simone Schumann

Family Schumann

Simone and Martin Schumann live together with their children in Mozambique since 2007. They are Globe Mission missionaries and provide spiritual support to ‚€ěO Bom Samaritano‚€ú.



Under construction

Dr. Jan Rößler
Christine Rößler

Family Rößler

Jan is a dentist and Kia (actually Christine) a dental assistant. They have lived with their children in Memba since 2012. Jan supports ‚€ěO Bom Samaritano‚€ú in designing brochures and maintaining our website. They will in future be active in the Memba district both in dental treatment and in spiritual ministry.

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