How to help

How can you take part?

To carry out the work of €O Bom Samaritano€ we need materials but also workers prepared to invest as trainers. These workers also need suitable equipment for their tasks.

This means that anyone can help, according to their capacity, in the following areas:

  • Providing materials
  • Financing training courses for health care assistants
  • Financing equipment or projects
  • Supporting a missionary as a trainer on location
  • Involvement as co-worker

Materials & courses

Specific purposes for donations:

  • Setting up a health care centre with basic equipment costs ca. 600 €.
  • The cost of training a health care assistant can be met with 5.00 € per month.
  • It costs 2.00 € a day to provide for a mother with an undernourished child (porridge, milk, soap).

Equipment & projects

More intensive support:

Since our goal is to expand the work over a large area, with health care instructors being taken care of in a self-multiplying system, it requires certain equipment like, for example, all-terrain vehicles. We are also planning larger projects that entail financial needs.

If you are interested in financing a piece of equipment or a project (even in part) as a private person, company, society or other institution, then please contact us.

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Taking part yourself

For those who feel called to join in as co-workers we recommend a 3-week visit to €O Bom Samaritano€ in Mozambique. Get in touch with Globe Mission to check the requirements including any training arrangements.

Donations: how, what for and where to?

Financial support from Europe is generally done through Globe Europe. Bank details can be found under Contact.

Anonymous donations are possible. However in order to issue a donation receipt and give report of the work we would need your name and address. In this case please contact Globe Mission or the relevant staff member.

If you would like to donate to a specific branch of our project, please declare this as your reason for payment:

  • O Bom Samaritano, health care centres
  • O Bom Samaritano, training
  • O Bom Samaritano, feeding programme

Many thanks!

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