Health care centres & bases

The health care centres

Distribution of food at a health care centre

Village bases

In consultation with the directors of health we choose places where the population has the longest way to reach the next medical service. Contact is made via the regional authorities (Kings) and the village convenes to discuss whether a health care centre is desired.

In these villages, sometimes deep in the bush, small houses are built as health care centres. Here the actual grass-roots work of O Bom Samaritano takes place € the care of patients using natural medicine within the village.

In the meantime there are already 45 health care centres spread over four districts and run by almost 212 health care assistants.

The medicinal garden in Murmto

Medicinal Gardens

Part of every functional health care centre is a medicinal garden. It serves to make medicinal plants locally available for the preparation of ointments and tinctures, or for the treatment of severe diseases such as Malaria.

The training centres

During a seminar

Places of education

Three health care centres have been developed into centres for training. They house important training programmes. Potential new health care assistants are taught here on a monthly basis. A teaching programme adapted to the Mozambican culture combines theory with many practical units and with songs, partly written by the students, and designed to help memorise the material.

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