„O Bom Samaritano“ - The Good Samaritan

...brings change to the lives of people in rural villages

Artemisia against malaria

Located in Northern Mozambique, „O Bom Samaritano“ uses Natural Medicine to improve the lives of local people.

Our center is located in Monapo and we work in four districts within the Nampula Province.

Helping people help themselves

We help Mozambicans in remote villages establish health posts for Natural Medicine. The people in the villages choose „health workers“.

These health workers continue to participate in monthly seminars where they are taught about local medicinal plants.

Prior to a shell construction of a health post

They learn how to cultivate those plants, how to make medicine from them and how to treat the sick with that medicine. When they return to their villages they are able to start a garden and treat the sick.

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